200mg Gummies (Canndy)


Contents: 8x Gummies per package

Dosage: 25MG THC per Gummy – 200MG THC per package

Canndy Edibles – 200mg THC Gummies

200mg THC total

25mg THC per piece

8x Gummies per pack

Canndy Edibles was born from an ambition to create Canada’s premier line of infused candies. With over fifteen years of experience in the British Columbian cannabis market, we have crafted these delectable THC-infused bites. Our deep-seated passion and extensive background have driven us to develop a new range of premium edibles, unmatched in both flavor and quality. We take pride in transforming the finest Canadian cannabis into small, potent, and delightful doses of Canndy goodness.

Additionally, every pack of Canndy Edibles is secured in a child-proof bag and marked with a THC warning symbol to ensure full awareness of the contents. We believe that a pleasurable edible experience is a well-informed one.

Canndy Edibles perfectly blend the nostalgic joy of gummy candies with a meticulously measured dose of THC. Each package promises a burst of rich, juicy flavor, offering a truly unique experience.

Type: Hybrid

Extraction Method: Solvent-based extraction

Please enjoy these edibles within 2 weeks of receiving for the best experience.

CAUTION: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. For adult use only. Cannabis may impair concentration, coordination, and judgment.

In some individuals, cannabis may enhance concentration, coordination, and judgment.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of cannabis.

Canndy Edibles represents a commitment to spearhead the Canadian market of infused candies. Leveraging over fifteen years in the British Columbian cannabis industry, our THC-infused bites are a testament to our passion and heritage. This new line of premium edibles is unparalleled in flavor and quality, turning top-grade Canadian cannabis into bite-sized Canndy delights.

Note: This product may soften or melt in heat. If your Canndy Edibles arrive melted, please contact customer support for assistance.

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry Cola, Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple


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