Bulk Edibles – 1500MG THC – 50 x 30mg


These tasty edibles are the perfect way to enjoy your cannabis without smoking.

▶  Infused with 95% of THC
▶  Each piece contains 30mg of THC
▶  A pack contains a total of 1500mg of THC
▶  Lots of delicious flavours to choose from!

(33 customer reviews)

Gummies (Only Gas) – 1500mg

Premium Quality, Exceptional Taste:

We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients in our gummies. Our top-grade Delta 9 Distillate is the heart and soul of our new infused edible line, delivering that signature, blissful feeling you crave without compromising the taste and texture you have come to love with our other edible offerings. Because we only use 95%+ Delta 9 Distillate, we ensure consistent and robust potency in every bite.

All-Natural Brilliance:

Our edible gummies are a true work of art – vibrant, flavorful, and utterly delicious. We use all-natural flavors and colors, avoiding any artificial additives. Each gummy is handcrafted with love, promising a sweet, juicy, and unforgettable taste that will have you reaching for more.

Dosage and Consumption Tips:

▶ Start Low and Go Slow: Begin with a small portion of a gummy and give your body time to adjust. Slowly increase the dosage as needed. Rushing can lead to discomfort or anxiety – patience is key.

▶ Optimal Storage: Preserve the freshness and potency of your gummies by storing them in glass jars or silicone containers. These options minimize moisture exposure, ensuring that your edibles remain as impactful and enjoyable as the day they were made.

▶ Keep Them Fresh: To extend the life of your edible gummies, store them in a cool, dry place. For optimal preservation, we recommend refrigerating them.

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33 reviews for Bulk Edibles – 1500MG THC – 50 x 30mg

  1. RK

    The Wacky Watermelons are fire!!!!!

  2. Kyle

    I’ve tried the coke bottles and the jolly ranchers. Both knock you out cold lol. I haven’t found a better option for bulk.

  3. Toonie

    Had both jolly ranchers and rainbow tape very effective product

  4. James C

    Really nice, taste so good you can eat too many! Ran out faster than I thought .
    Have to double my order next time.
    Hope they make some stronger ones soon!

  5. Ryan Schmidtheisler

    These candies are straight legit fire best candies ever keep it up ps we need the coke cola candies asap

  6. Josh h

    We bought the banana bonanza, my fiance and i love them, she has one and she’s good for a few hours and the price is almost too good but it’s true. very well worth it for the 50 pack no question.

  7. Favid

    Bought a few bags of these. Seem to be pretty consistent in terms of dosages and price point is proper

  8. Russ Seaborn

    Best edibles for the price I have found to date. Will always be back here for more!

  9. David Blake

    Awesome Edibles for the price , 1500 mg for 30$ at the sale price or 50$ on regular price either way is a great option and still can’t go wrong compared to some of the competition. The wide selection is also a nice Bonus , Starbursts , fuzzy peaches , Sour-grapes are all awesome choices that I find leave a nice Manageable high. The dosing is Generally easy also because of the ready to go 30 mg gummies

  10. Mike

    By far the best edibles I’ve had.. especially for the price

  11. MarfewJ1313 MarfewJ1313

    Best gummies I’ve ever had, by far. Insane price point, OG is really killing it

  12. Randy Lahey

    Great price, bought them twice now. Feels a bit less than 30mg but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything even remotely close to the price so can’t complain!

  13. KyleG

    Got both the coke bottles and the cherrys. Both are delicious and potent. Amazing bang for your buck

  14. Craftcannabisman

    First sorry my english not the best,I got the assorted pack,taste 10/10 so delicious,definitely high quality gummys,look and taste awesome the all.
    The high pretty strong and good, i eat 2 piece,and its got me complete relaxed,and high under 30-40 min,the price best in Canada and unbeatable,i will continue buy it.respect guys.

  15. Matthew Carlyle

    Great stuff. Got the Cherry slices. Pretty much exactly like a standard cherry slices candy but instead you get high.

    Shipped very quick, very good high, definitely feel it from just one but I have a pretty low tolerance.

    In any case, if you want to save money on your edibles by buying bulk and want them to be good, this seems to be a perfect choice. Will be back to try other flavours in the future!

  16. Noah Marcus

    Best pricing and potency I’ve had in a edible. 10/10 will be ordering again!

  17. Runnorth

    5 star on these all day. I’m definitely keeping these on deck! Thanks !

  18. Bruce Waterston

    these are an excellent value, I have purchased several types and I have found all to be very tasty and potent, 30mgs is the goldilocks concentration for me. Thank you for these. xoxo

  19. Thane Arseneault

    Never disappointed with my order ! Always fresh and taste is 10/10

  20. LF

    Good deal for edibles. Would be even better if you could pick sativa vs indica.

  21. Dany Paquette

    Good deal for the price and the taste is fire !!

  22. James Chen

    Holy crap this thing is good. Took a lil longer to hit than what i’ve had in the past but it’s well worth the money. Gonna just buy this from now on. Much better than smoking

  23. Mathieu Imbeault

    I buy 3 kind coca cola Bottle jolly rancher and blue feet all that kind r very good taste and nice buzz

  24. Malcolm Rosario

    Great product! Just wish more of the flavours were in stock more often, they keep flying Out of Stock within a week

  25. Harrison Lu

    BEST edibles bulk for the price 1-2 usually knock me out.

  26. MrPurp

    All candies I’ve gotten so far have been A1 crème of the crop 🙂 I had the jolly ranchers , sour cherries and sour keys all of which were POTENT!!! Every candy was as good or better then the last feed worth the buy gonna get myself more now

    Thanks for keeping it real OnlyGas 😀

  27. Kaitlyn Doomernik

    I order the assorted gummies, and they are the best I’ve had! They have no weed taste at all, just taste like a candy! It’s not a childproof bag or labeled, so be cautious with kids. They’re potent, and somehow sooo cheap! Very worth it

  28. Monica Frost

    Well I’m extremely disappointed in these unfortunately. The taste and price are great but the potency is weak. It says they’re 30mg but I’m not so sure or I’m way more tolerant than I realized. I ate one and nothing, so next time I ate 2 again nothing, went up to 3 and again nothing. Today I will try 4 and see how that goes. So , as for felling any buzz of them, I’m not hopeful, but I will say that they may possibly help a bit with body aches and pains, which I’m happy with.

  29. mylogrow

    I really like this flavour mix and two do the nighttime job for me

  30. Reviews

    Best deal going, great flavours and there dosed correctly in my opinion.

  31. realgrimm

    Love these, Assorted,Black Cherry,,Grape.. lots in that assorted pack I’d grab bags of on their own. To bad they move so fast.. always keeping my eye out..

    Thanx OG

  32. Budzbuddy

    I mean the price is why there’s 3 stars, the taste is nice, but I can tell the gummies are juste regular gummies sprayed, I ate a couple without getting high at all, and than ate 2 I was high asf and then for the rest of the bag I wasn’t even getting high.

  33. realgrimm

    Came back fir mire Assorted and you kicked it outta the park with the flavors .. this will always be my gk to.. thanx again OG!!

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