150mg Gummies (Canndy)

Contents: 10x Gummies per package

Dosage: 15MG THC per Gummy – 150MG THC per package

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Canndy Edibles – 150mg THC Gummies

150mg THC total

15mg THC per piece

10x Gummies per pack

Canndy Edibles is the culmination of a vision to lead the infused candy market in Canada. These succulent THC morsels are the product of over fifteen years of expertise in the British Columbian cannabis industry. Our enthusiasm and rich history have driven us to launch an exceptional line of premium edibles, unmatched in flavor and quality. We take pride in transforming the finest Canadian cannabis into compact doses of Canndy excellence.

Moreover, each Canndy Edible is securely enclosed in a childproof bag and clearly marked with a THC warning symbol, ensuring everyone is fully aware of the contents. We’re dedicated to providing a joyful and enlightened edible experience.

Canndy Edibles offer the perfect blend of nostalgic gummy candy joy and a judicious amount of THC. Each pack delivers a burst of rich, juicy flavor, crafted for your enjoyment.

Type: Hybrid

Extraction Method: Solvent-based extraction

To ensure the best quality, please consume within two weeks of receipt.

SAFETY WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Suitable for adult use only. Cannabis can affect concentration, coordination, and judgment.

Interestingly, cannabis may enhance concentration, coordination, and judgment in some cases.

Avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence of cannabis.

Canndy Edibles was inspired by a goal to lead Canada’s infused candy sector. Our THC-infused creations, based on more than fifteen years in the British Columbian cannabis field, set new standards in flavor and quality. Our newest line of premium edibles, made from the country’s best cannabis, are tiny but mighty portions of Canndy delight.

Note: This product may soften or melt in hot conditions. If you receive melted Canndy Gummies, please contact customer service for assistance.

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