95% THC Distillate Vape Cartridges 1G

1g Cartridge

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Refill Cartridge (Only Gas)

Looking for a top-of-the-line cannabis vape cartridge that is sure to get you soaring? Look no further than our 95% THC Distillate Vape Cartridges! Our cartridges are filled with only the finest quality distillate, ensuring that you get an incredibly potent and pure product. With no added filler or terpenes, our cartridges are some of the strongest on the market. And because they are 510 thread, they are compatible with almost any vape battery. So whether you are a first-time cannabis user or a seasoned vet, our 95% THC Distillate Vape Cartridges are sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.
Our oils do not contain any additives or preservatives. A change in color (darkening at the top of the oil in the cartridge) does not mean a compromise in oil quality, but a natural chemical reaction to time, heat, and sun exposure. The darkening of your oil does not indicate it is no longer effective or of any less quality.

Please keep in mind, all oils do have a shelf life. We recommend using your cartridge within six months of purchase.

For the best vape experience possible, remember to:

1. Avoid leaving your cartridge in direct sunlight and heat. This will help keep your cartridge from darkening or leakage.
2. Try to store your cartridge in a cool, dry, and dark or low-light place to ensure the longest shelf life.

Additional information

1G Disposable Cartidge

9LB Hammer, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Blue Zkittles, Cherry Pie, Dragon Fruit, Grape Punch, Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, Ice Cream Cookies, Jungle Cake, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Express, Orange Crush, Sunset Sherbert, Strawberry Shortcake, Watermelon OG, Banana Boat, Cream Soda, Cola, Green Apple, Mango Magic, Rootbeer Kush, Banana Kush, Cookies, Dosi Mango, Melon OG, Grandaddy Purple, Orange Soda, Wedding Cake, Fruity Cereal OG, Banana Mimosa, Platinum OG, Grape Ape, Strawnana, King Louis, Root Beer, Cereal Milk, Papayalicious, Donut, Purple Punch, Maui Wowie, 9lb Hammer, Kushmints II, Alaskan Thunderhuck, Ice Cream Man, Strawberry

33 reviews for 95% THC Distillate Vape Cartridges 1G

  1. Gwidado

    I tried a few of these now and I have to say, for the price, they are amazing. At 12.50$ on sale, it’s a no brainer! Solid flavor for distillate and the high is really good too. Favorite one so far is the Grape Ape. Cheers!

  2. ME

    This company is legit. I bought 4 different strain profiles. I have each one on a pen battery and loving each one of them. Strong buzz, great taste and the different profiles really stand out. Buy with confidence.

  3. Sam G

    Bought 4 different strain and they are amazing on my yocan battery! Better high and taste than the major league ones. Great price,great product and real fast shipping!! I fucking love onlygas.

  4. Stickybuds

    Had 6 now all good. Can’t beat the price. Hits good and taste is subtle but there. 5/5 value

  5. Jul

    These baby’s hit hard . One hit and that’s it for me. I’ve tried Applejack and Bubblegum og. Both had great taste though bubble stood out most with it’s most distinct sweetness and pink bubble gum after taste.

  6. Salviax20

    Super fire. I’ve tried many carts from many locations. And nothing is gonna top this $20 cart! ????????????

  7. Phat_Witch Phat_Witch

    I think I tasted evry strain. I love these.I keep getting more. Never had any problems with this site. I like them alot.

  8. Monica Davidson

    Can’t be beat for the price! No harsh aftertaste, and gets you high. What more can you ask?

  9. sszill

    tastes good and hits nice.

  10. Canadabuds

    Amazing fruity cereal is definitely delicious would buy again

  11. John Saunders

    These carts are the bomb. The price is right and the flavor is bang on. Will be ordering them again..

  12. paul chatfield

    I’ve tried several different flavors and love them all.The taste is great and they hit hard.Will be ordering more for sure.Great site for everything.

  13. aaron sinclair

    Fire can’t wait to try the live n hash rosin pen

  14. Faraj

    Can’t complain thie best cheap cartridges I’ve tried

  15. Faraj

    Good product nd good price

  16. nodda

    5/5 pour le prix
    4/5 pour le gout
    3/5 pour le buzz
    Note générale de 4/5
    bon produit pas cher

  17. nodda

    Blue zkittles validé

  18. worsleyparker

    wouldnt recommend the strawberry shortcake flavor, tastes like straight ass lol but ive had fire ones from here before; just hit or miss.

  19. gengauthier

    Blue zkittles, orange krush, strawberry shortcake..they taste exactly like the name.???? cherry pie tastes like pie crust.. 50/50
    wattermelon, sunday driver and 9lbs hammer are harsher on the throat, tastes like.. pine?!? But still does the job. Overall VERY satisfied with the product AND the service. Arrives within 4 buisness days, well packaged, will definately buy again.

  20. Waldotheewise

    Best bang for your buck carts I’ve found!

  21. Jordan Ostlund

    All I buy ! Love this company ??

  22. tcole

    cart definitely isn’t the one i wanted but it’s good and gets me faded asf

  23. zjwoods

    I’m not a person who likes dab carts from any place but the despo. I’ve never had a dab cart from a 3rd party that actually had me feeling like the despo ones. These are the First ones I’ve ever tried that even compared to the despo, if not better.

  24. micahdagoat

    for 13$ you can’t get anything better

  25. Zyrostv

    A 13$ la cartouche très bon produit! goutte aiment très bon!!! acheter tout le monde!!!

  26. Reviews

    Grape punch, blue Zkittlez, orange crush, strawberry are all amazing for the price. Tastes super flavourful and still Stoney.

  27. Reviews

    Grape punch for the win but didn’t have a bad thing to say about any of them I received, blue biscotti , orange crush, jungle cake are all good to go

  28. ibewmisfit

    Always great!

    Any chance onlygas is getting more strands?

  29. jason74casey

    Best cartridges I have found great flavour and very good buzz. Getting ready to put in another order

  30. stryker26

    These are fire. Was just wondering is onlygas getting these back in stocks?

  31. int3rnetc4fe

    ya’ll better bring these back bruh

  32. Max bone

    Put alots more drgon fruit grape ice cream ect each time a came to order those are out im lucky a guess lmfao excellent produit a will buy alots more if alots product can be purchase HEHE;)

  33. Max bone

    We want more we want more a buy 60 in a month those are taste best price over all networld 6\5 star 😉

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