Cannalean THC Syrup (Vancity Labs)


10 Servings Per Bottle

Cannalean THC Syrup – Vancity Labs

Vancity Labs introduces Cannalean, a potent THC-infused syrup boasting a total THC content of 1000mg. This syrup is uniquely formulated for nano-enhanced delivery, offering heightened effectiveness. It’s recommended to consume in 10 servings, with each serving containing 100mg THC per 10 ml of syrup.

Experience the impact of a scientifically backed formula that truly makes a difference. However, caution is advised as the effects are significantly more intense compared to traditional edibles. Remember, moderation is key – even heroes should think twice before consuming a full 100mg dose. For an optimal experience, try mixing it with Sprite.

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Unflavoured, Watermelon


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