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This 2G THC Distillate Disposable Weed Pen or Dab Pen is perfect for those who need a little extra relief on the go. These pens come with a USB battery port, so you can enjoy vaping without any worries about waiting for secondhand smoke! It’s the ideal companion for your next adventure, whether you’re staying at home or exploring new places during the summer break.

ONLYGAS is committed to delivering top-quality standards by using the most desirable source materials to produce a top-shelf product. Our premium purging methods remove impurities, resulting in pure concentrates that consistently test at over 95% THC and 97%+ total cannabinoids! ONLYGAS offers a truly unbeatable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

When storing your 2G THC Distillate Disposable Weed Pen or Dab Pen, cartridges, and batteries, keep them at room temperature and avoid exposing them to extreme temperature fluctuations. Storing them upright is also essential as laying them on their side could cause air bubbles to form and affect performance.

If you encounter any issues with your cartridge, such as clogged holes, warming it with a hair dryer or a gentle poke with a toothpick can help. Additionally, priming your coil by taking dry hits without the battery and blowing gently into it can improve performance. Ensuring that your battery is fully charged and turned on is crucial for optimal use.

Overall, the 2G THC Distillate Disposable Weed Pen or Dab Pen offers enhanced relief for those who need it on the go. With ONLYGAS’s commitment to top-quality standards, you can trust that you’re getting the best product possible.

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