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Georgia does not currently allow the use of medical marijuana. You should be aware of the history of medical marijuana legislation in the state, as well as the current laws and regulations regarding its use. If you are looking to obtain medical marijuana, you should know that it is still illegal in the state and could get you a criminal record if found in possession. You should research the laws and regulations of other states if you are looking to obtain medical marijuana.

What is the Legal Status of Medical Marijuana in Georgia?

The legal status of medical marijuana in Georgia is quite clear: it is not allowed. Despite some recent attempts to make it available, the state has not adopted any laws or regulations to make medical marijuana available to its citizens.

As of now, there is no way for patients to get access to medical marijuana in Georgia. This means that individuals and families who could benefit from the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana are left without any legal options.

Even though the legal status of medical marijuana in Georgia is not favorable, this does not mean that the conversation around this issue is over. There are still ongoing efforts to make medical marijuana accessible in the state, and advocates are actively pushing for change. If you are interested in helping to make medical marijuana available in Georgia, you can join the conversation and help to make a difference.

History of Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Georgia has a long history of restrictive laws concerning medical marijuana. Pre-2017 legislation only permitted the use of cannabis oil for the treatment of severe seizures, but it was not allowed to be produced or sold within the state.

In 2017, the legislature passed the Haleigh’s Hope Act, which authorized the use of medical cannabis oil for up to 16 specified conditions and allowed for in-state production and sale, but only through a limited number of licensed dispensaries. These dispensaries have not yet been opened, leaving patients with limited options for obtaining medical marijuana.

Despite this, there is still hope that medical marijuana will be made available to Georgia’s residents in the near future. Many lawmakers have expressed support for expanding medical cannabis oil access, and some members of the medical community favor the idea as well. It’s important to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the state to ensure that you comply with all laws and regulations concerning medical marijuana use in Georgia.

Pre-2017 Legislation

Before 2017, the use of medical marijuana had a complicated status in Georgia. One of the main reasons why it wasn’t legalized was because the state’s laws did not define medical cannabis as a legal form of medicine.

Any use of marijuana, including medical use, was considered illegal at the state level. Despite the fact that there were some attempts to pass bills to make medical cannabis legal, they were unsuccessful.

In 2017, the state of Georgia did pass a law that allowed for the use of medical marijuana. The law only allowed for low-THC cannabis oil to be used for certain medical conditions. This means that patients can use it to treat conditions such as severe nausea, seizures, and severe pain, but it does not cover other conditions.

In other words, if you suffer from a medical condition that does not fall under the “qualifying conditions” outlined in the law, you are still not able to legally use medical marijuana in Georgia.

It should also be noted that even if you do suffer from one of the qualifying conditions, you still may not be able to obtain medical marijuana legally in Georgia. This is because Georgia has very strict regulations on who is allowed to obtain medical marijuana. In order to qualify, a patient must obtain a recommendation from a physician who has been approved by the state as a medical cannabis specialist.

Patients can only obtain medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary. If a patient does not meet these qualifications, he or she may be at risk of breaking the law if they choose to obtain medical marijuana.

2017 Legislation

In 2017, Georgia amended its laws to allow a very limited form of medical marijuana use. The amendment, known as HB1, allows patients who suffer from certain severe medical conditions to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil with a low concentration of THC. The oil must be obtained through a state-licensed dispensary, and only physicians registered with the Georgia Department of Health can certify a patient for the use of the oil.

The amendment does not allow for in-state cultivation or production of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is still illegal in Georgia, and the use of any other form of cannabis, including recreational marijuana, is also prohibited. Even with the amendment, patients and their families must be aware that there is still a risk of prosecution for using medical marijuana, as there is no legal protection for them.

The Current Situation

At the moment, Georgia does not allow the use of medical marijuana for any purpose. In 2017, Georgia passed the Haleigh’s Hope Act, which made it legal for certain people to possess low THC oil with a doctor’s prescription.

It is still not legal to purchase any form of marijuana in the state. So if you’re a Georgia resident looking to use medical marijuana, you’ll need to look into other treatments. That being said, there are still some options available to you.

For instance, you can look into alternative forms of treatment such as CBD oil, which is derived from hemp and is legal in Georgia. You can also look into non-medical treatments such as yoga, exercise, and nutrition.

These can be effective in treating many of the same symptoms that medical marijuana can treat. It is important to remember that the medical marijuana laws in Georgia are constantly changing, so it is important to stay up-to-date on any new developments. It is also important to speak to your doctor about any treatments you are considering, as they can provide you with advice on what options are best for you.

Georgia Laws & Regulations

It’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding medical marijuana in Georgia. The state has very strict restrictions on the use, possession, and cultivation of any form of marijuana, and the penalties for violating these laws can be severe. That being said, there are certain medical conditions that may qualify an individual to receive a low THC oil registration card from the state.

This registration card would allow that individual to possess a certain amount of low THC oil for medical purposes only. It’s important to note that no form of medical marijuana can be bought or sold in the state of Georgia.

That means any purchase or sale of marijuana, even for medical purposes, is strictly prohibited. All individuals must stay within the boundaries of the law when it comes to medical marijuana in Georgia.

It’s important to remember that no form of medical marijuana can be consumed in public in Georgia. This means that if an individual is found in possession of medical marijuana, and the possession is deemed to be for personal consumption, then they will be subject to criminal charges. It’s important to be aware of the legal consequences of using medical marijuana in the state of Georgia to stay safe and out of legal trouble.

Where Can Patients Obtain Medical Marijuana in Georgia?

Patients in Georgia cannot currently obtain medical marijuana legally. Georgia’s laws surrounding medical marijuana are strict and not yet in favor of the drug’s medicinal use. As of now, the only way for a patient to gain access to medical marijuana is to purchase it illegally.

This can be dangerous for a number of reasons. The best advice for those in Georgia who are interested in medical marijuana is to stay up-to-date with the laws in the state and push for change in the system.

If you know someone who is using medical marijuana, it is important that they exercise caution and stay aware of the risks.

They should check with their physician to ensure they are using the right type and amount of marijuana for their medical needs. Keep an eye out for news regarding Georgia’s medical marijuana law. The more people are aware, the stronger the push will be for the laws to change.


Georgia currently does not allow for the use of medical marijuana. This means that any patient, who lives in Georgia and is prescribed medical marijuana, will not be able to access it legally. This is likely to be a major issue for many individuals and families across the state, as they do not have the option to access this potentially life-changing medicine.

It is important to be aware of the current laws and regulations in place in Georgia when it comes to medical marijuana. It is also important to know that, although medical marijuana is not currently allowed in Georgia, there are other options available.

Patients should speak to their doctor about alternative treatments that might be available. It is also important to stay informed and to keep an eye on any changes in the future regarding medical marijuana in Georgia.

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