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King Kush Strain
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Lineage: OG Kush x Grape

Flavors:  Sweet, Tangy taste, Lavender, and Grape

Aromas:  Skunky, Earthy, and Pungent

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King Kush

Come roll one up and learn about King's Kush with ONLYGAS
Come roll one up and learn about King’s Kush with ONLYGAS

King Kush Overview

King Kush is a storied and often times revered 70/30 Indica leaning child of one of the most classic and famous strains of all time, OG Kush.

Together with King Kush’s other parent strain, Grape, smokers are left with the classic and all too important medical benefits of OG Kush, with the smooth grape flavor that many say reminds them of another classic strain, Grape Ape.

Born and bred in one of the world’s most famous marijuana-growing regions in the world, the Netherlands, this truly regal strain fit for royalty is at its best when you have nothing to do but relax.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • THC – 20 – 29%
  • CBD – 0.45 – 1%
  • CBC – 0.27 – 0.86%
  • CBG – 0.28 – 0.9%
  • CBN – 0.17 – 0.25%
  • THCV – 0.22 – 0.72%

Terpene Profile



King Kush History & Lineage

King Kush has a long history in the community of growers in the Pacific North West, but its prized genetics hail from none other than Amsterdam, one of the world’s most famous cannabis regions.

King Kush parents have roots going back all the way to Thailand, Pakistan, and the Hindu Kush mountains, so this royal strain truly is a worldwide affair.

Growing King Kush

Whether you get a pack of King Kush seeds from Green House Seeds, or get a cut from a friend, these growing tips should serve you well!

Outdoor Growing

The most important part of growing any strain of that sticky green bud outdoors is, to make sure you pick the proper genetics for your climate.

King Kush will finish close to the start of the first frost in most of the northern hemisphere so be careful growing feminized seeds of King’s Kush if you have shorter summers in your particular climate.

If you do have a shorter summer, autoflower seeds have a much shorter flowering time and resist the cold much better than their regular counterparts, thus will likely be the better call.

In the Northern Hemisphere, King’s Kush will finish in early October. Be sure to pick a site with plenty of sunlight to reduce flowering time and ensure a solid harvest.

Typically King’s Kush will grow to a height of between 30-80 inches outdoors. Kings Kush’ height depends on many factors, such as, when they’re planted, if the grower uses seeds or cuts, how much sunlight and water the plants get, and how evenly distributed they’re planted on the plot of land, amongst many other factors.

A typical outdoor yield for King’s Kush is about 550 grams per plant by early October but varies considerably depending on the environment and many other factors.

King’s Kush Growing Outdoors

Indoor Growing

Growing King’s Kush indoors, and really just about any strain, is the best possible way to go.

Growing indoors properly provides the absolute best possible environment and gives the grower full control over all of the various different environmental factors that go into getting a solid yield out of your crop.

King’s Kush does best when it grows to at least 30 inches during the vegetative cycle, as its Kush lineage doesn’t lend itself to a large stretch during the early portion of the flowering period.

Growers should ensure that their plants are evenly distributed within their grow space so that their canopy is mono-cropped and even, and light is distributed efficiently.

Having light, spacing, and exposure to air circulation (fans, AC, etc) will ensure plants dry out and similar times, they utilize similar amounts of moisture and nutrients, and overall experience a similar environment across the entire crop.

Following these tips will maximize your control and ability to yield the highest possible amount that genetics allow.

King’s Kush Growing Indoors



This plant has green, lush flowers rich in sparkling white trichomes and purple undertones. Besides, their appearances give illusions that they might be highly airy and soft, but this is not likely judging by the parentage. The hybrid strain’s buds also have grape-like nugs with orange hairs.



Most customers and consumers of King Kush report a combination of a sweet & tangy taste, with notes of lavender within the inhale and often with some phenotype’s, a lasting taste of grape on the tip of their tongue on exhale, reminiscent of its cousin Grape Ape.



King Kush has a aroma profile that more or less combines its parents, OG Kush and Grape. There is a wide difference in which parent the aroma leans towards depending on the particular phenotype one gets their hands on, though.

Often, users are hit with a combination of skunky, earthy, and pungent aromas that Kush is so well-known for. The overall profile is balanced well by the silky sweet flavor of berry to finish it off.


Potential Effects

King’s Kush is described as a creeper, meaning that often times upon smoking this strain, the high comes on slowly and by surprise, you are hit with the powerful effects and a very heavy and long-lasting head high that gives one an elevated mood.

King’s Kush’s high later develops into an almost psychedelic, anxiety & stress-reducing full-body feeling that is sure to cure any insomnia and put you to sleep.

This indica dominant cannabis strain is sure to give a healthy reduction in stress and end up leaving you couch locked.

Medicinal Properties

Kings who smoke this Indica leaning strain report a high THC content that leaves their head in the clouds, a strong burst of energy followed by a huge reduction in anxiety.

Often times a strong sense of euphoria hits, along with the usual potential of dry eyes & dry mouth.

This is followed by a strong sedating effect from the OG Kush side of the strain, leaving them stuck on the couch without a care in the world or the will to do anything but eat munchies and watch This is the End on repeat.

Often times patients with most sorts of medical problem seek out King’s Kush and most other Kush cultivars, but King’s Kush is very good for dealing with insomnia, lack of appetite, epilepsy, migraines, arthritis or any other types of pain, predominately.

King's Kush in an Old School Pipe
King’s Kush in an Old School Pipe


We hope you enjoyed this overview of King’s Kush from Green House Seeds! Enjoy this premium bud and its medical properties that are sure to elevate your mood! This strain is undoubtedly fit for kings!


King Kush is Rated

0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)


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