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Smoking Accessories Online South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Smoking Accessories?

Smoking accessories are products designed to enhance the smoking experience, including rolling papers, pipes, vaporizers, grinders, and more. These accessories can be used with a variety of smoking substances, including tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs.

Types of Smoking Accessories

  • Rolling papers: Thin sheets of paper used to roll cigarettes or joints.
  • Pipes: Small handheld devices used to smoke tobacco or cannabis.
  • Vaporizers: Devices that heat up substances for inhalation without combustion.
  • Grinders: Devices used to grind cannabis and other herbs for smoking or cooking.
  • Bongs: Water pipes that filter smoke through water, providing a smoother smoking experience.

Smoking Accessories and Cannabis

Cannabis has become increasingly popular in South Africa, with its legalization for personal use in 2018. Smoking accessories are essential for cannabis smokers, providing a convenient and more enjoyable way to consume the substance.

Choosing the Right Smoking Accessories for Cannabis

When it comes to choosing smoking accessories for cannabis, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Material: Consider the material of the accessory, as it can affect the quality and taste of the smoke. Glass and metal are popular choices for pipes and bongs, while rolling papers can be made of rice or hemp.
  • Size: Consider the size of the accessory, as it can affect portability and storage.
  • Functionality: Consider the functionality of the accessory, as it can affect the smoking experience. Vaporizers, for example, offer a more discreet and healthier way to consume cannabis.
  • Price: Consider the price of the accessory, as it can vary widely depending on the material, size, and functionality.

Popular Smoking Accessories for Cannabis

  • Rolling papers: Popular rolling papers include RAW, Juicy Jays, and Elements.
  • Pipes: Popular pipes include glass spoon pipes and one-hitters.
  • Vaporizers: Popular vaporizers include the Pax and the Volcano.
  • Grinders: Popular grinders include Santa Cruz Shredder and Space Case.
  • Bongs: Popular bongs include the Beaker and the Straight Tube.

Buying Smoking Accessories Online in South Africa

With the increasing popularity of smoking accessories, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to online stores to purchase their smoking supplies. However, it’s essential to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable and trustworthy source.

Tips for Buying Smoking Accessories Online

  • Read reviews: Read online reviews to ensure that the store is legitimate and that previous customers have had positive experiences.
  • Check for certifications: Look for certifications such as SSL and PCI compliance, which indicate that the website is secure and trustworthy.
  • Compare prices: Compare prices between different websites to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.
  • Check the return policy: Make sure that the website has a clear return policy in case the product is defective or not as described.

Popular Online Stores for Smoking Accessories in South Africa

  • Vapour Mountain: Offers a wide range of smoking accessories, including vaporizers, glassware, and rolling papers.
  • High Society: Offers a variety of smoking accessories, including pipes, bongs, and grinders.
  • VapeStore: Offers a range of vaporizers and accessories for vaping cannabis and other herbs.


Smoking accessories are essential for enhancing the smoking experience, whether you’re smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other herbs. When purchasing smoking accessories online in South Africa, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable and trustworthy source. Consider factors such as material, size, functionality, and price when choosing which smoking accessories to purchase. By following these tips, you can ensure that you’re getting the best smoking experience possible.

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