Shatter (Kootenay Labs)

Shatter – 1g

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Birthday Cake, Gucci Fruit, Mendo Breath, Strawberry Cough, 420 Kush, Alien Abduction, Amnesia Haze, Apple Jack, Banana Punch, Berry Haze, Black Cherry Punch, Black Diamond, Black Widow, Blue Cheese, Blue Mango, Blueberry, Bob Marley, Bruce Banner, Bubba Kush, BurtReynolds, Candy Jack, Candy Land, Chemo, Cherry Bomb, Chocolate OG, Cookie Monster, Cookies & Cream, Dark Star, Darkside OG, Death Bubba, Do Si Do, Durban Poison, Dutch Crunch, Forbidden Fruit, Gas Face, Ghost Train Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Glitter Apples, Golden Goat, Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Hammer, Green Crush, Jager, Jet Fuel Gelato, Juicy Fruit, Juicy Wreck, King Tut, Kush Breath, Lava Cake, Lemon Hammer, Lemon Tree, London Pound Cake, Mandalorian, Mendo Cookies, Mimosa, Mocha Mint, Mystery Haze, Northern Lights, Oregon Golden Goat, Peanut Butter Breath, Pineapple Express, Platinum Champagne, Platinum Kush, Punch Breath, Purple Hammer, Purple Haze, Purple Pugs Breath, Purple Roze, Rockstar, Romulan, Runtzicles, Sensi Star, Sherbert, Slurricane, Sour Cherry Sherbert, Sour Diesel, Sour Haze, Sour Tangie, Southern Bell, Sundae Driver, Sunset Sherbert, Super Lemon Haze, Tangerine Dream, Tango Kush, Tropicana Cookies, Truffle Cake, Vortex, Wedding Crasher, White Guava, White Rhino, Zookies, Grape Diamonds, Memory Loss, Snow White, Full Moon, Mag Landrace, Hindu Kush, Timewreck, Motorbreath, Temptation, Biscotti


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