Pulse Batteries (AVEO)


The Pulse’s temperature control algorithm is designed to prevent overheating and burning of sensitive oils by sending intermittent pulses of power to the heating coil, rather than a uniform pulse which creates an uneven vaping experience.

The Pulse Battery BY AVEO® Power Supply uses a “510” connection (screw-on connection with M7 thread.)

The Pulse Battery is compatible with most cartridges designed for use with breath actuated power supplies. For best results, pair with AVEO® hardware.

For use with other hardware, compatibility may vary. The electrical contacts, airflow, and other features may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Caution: Fast charger output voltage higher than 5V may damage the battery.


Press button 3 times to turn on the battery.
The blue/yellow/red LED blinks once.
Hold the button to activate the battery, release button to stop.
Press button 2 times to switch between Low(blue)/Mid(yellow)/Hi(red )power settings.
Press button 3 times again to shut off the battery.

Micro-USB type B

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Glossy Black, Glossy White, Black Rubber


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