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Morrocan Hash

Moroccan Hash, also known as “hashish,” is a concentrated form of marijuana that has been around for centuries. It is made from the cannabis plant, which has been part of the culture and tradition of Morocco for more than a millennium. Moroccan Hash has a rich flavor and aroma and can be smoked in a variety of ways to provide different levels of potency.

Typically, it is composed of dried buds and leaves that have been threshed together to make dense blocks. This is then compressed with various hand-presses into sticks or bricks ranging in size and weight according to quality. The lighter colors indicate fresher hash while darker colors indicate stronger potency. Moroccan Hash is highly sought after due to its reported effects on improving moods and its availability in Canada, Europe, Australia and beyond.

Moroccan Hash comes in many unique varieties such as Traditional Combination Hashish (mix of both regular hash blocks), Full-Melt Hashish (gives off thick smoke) as well as Charas or Handrubbed pure resin oil extracts. In Morocco, Charas are highly prized due to their delicate flavorsome nature and special attention given during production process via traditional know-how passed on down the generations. Buying online from reputable sources ensures you get genuine quality products at competitive rates delivered conveniently over the net anytime from anywhere!

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