HTFSE Cartridges (Milky Way Extracts)


1 Gram HTFSE Cartridge

Milky Way HTFSE cartridges are made from diamonds and sauce. Diamonds are THCA and sauce contains high levels of cannabis terpenes. The two are mixed and filled into a 1 gram cartridge. Cartridges are powered by Verified Vapes in order to handle the thick uncut oil.

510 thread.
No PG, PEG, VG, MCT oil, Vitamin E Acetate or any other possible fillers.

Milky Way believes in providing the purest product possible. A company by smokers for smokers. Striving to deliver the cleanest carts on the market without any harmful additives. Therefore, this product does not have anything extra added. This is a full spectrum cartridge made in very limited craft batches.

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