CBD Isolate Capsules (Trichome Gardens)


Available in 15mg (10 pack) or 50mg (30 pack)

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate Capsules (Trichome Gardens)

Description: Trichome Gardens CocoCaps® are made with premium ethanol-extracted cannabis oil (EHO) infused in cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil. Due to a high content of saturated fatty acids (over 80%), Coconut oil is an ideal carrier for cannabinoids by providing ample binding and absorption, and therefore enhanced bioavailability.

Why Ethanol?

As opposed to hydrocarbon solvents commonly used in cannabis extractions, ethanol is an environmentally friendly renewable compound that is safe for human consumption. As opposed to more refined extractions, EHO is a broad-spectrum extraction that contains the full cannabinoid, terpene and phytonutrient profile that give cannabis its full range of medicinal and health benefits.

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50mg (30 pack), 15mg (10 pack)


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