Bulk Gummies (MOTA) – THC


50 x 30mg THC

1500mg THC Total

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

Bulk Gummies (MOTA) – THC

Introducing MOTA Bulk Gummies, the ultimate treat for cannabis enthusiasts! With our 50-pack bulk option, you can indulge in your favourite MOTA gummies like never before. Each gummy boasts a potent 30mg of THC, ensuring a consistent and delightful experience every time.

Experience the familiar burst of flavour with our signature varieties, including sour blue raspberry, sour peach, sour watermelon, and classic cola bottles. Whether you’re craving a tangy kick or a sweet sensation, MOTA Bulk Gummies have you covered.

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly restocking and hello to convenience with our bulk packaging. Perfect for sharing with friends at gatherings or enjoying on your own whenever the mood strikes.

Elevate your edible experience with the same MOTA gummies you know and love, now available in bulk. Get ready to treat yourself to an abundance of deliciousness with MOTA Bulk Gummies!

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Sour Blue Raspberry Feet – Sativa, Sour Blue Raspberry Feet – Indica, Sour Blue Raspberry Feet – Hybrid, Cola Bottles – Sativa, Cola Bottles – Indica, Cola Bottles – Hybrid, Sour Watermelons – Sativa, Sour Watermelons – Indica, Sour Watermelons – Hybrid, Sour Peaches – Sativa, Sour Peaches – Indica, Sour Peaches – Hybrid


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