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Afghani Gold Seal Hash

Afghani Gold Seal Hash is a type of hashish imported from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Made from the resin of the cannabis plant, it is known for its unique aroma and taste. With a concentrate level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a primary component of cannabis, Afghani Gold Seal Hash can provide an intense and powerful high as well as powerful pain relief.

This hashish typically comes in small round pressed balls and has a golden yellow color. It has a medium to dark brown hue with some reddish hues and hints of dark green to deep purple undertones. Generally speaking, Afghani Gold Seal Hash tends to be very potent but provides similar effects to smoking flower buds in terms of intensity and duration due to the higher THC levels found within each ball. It can range in texture from dry and crumbly outside and an ooze-like consistency when broken down further.

Due to its origin, Afghani Gold Seal Hash is considered one of the most desirable types of hash on the market today for both recreational and medical users. Whether you’re looking for potent pain relief or just a strong psychedelic experience, buying this type of hashish online in Canada can help you get just what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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1 review for Afghani Gold Seal Hash – OUT OF STOCK

  1. justin dickinson

    Excellent, wow. I’m usually not a big hash smoker but holy shit, if all the hash I’ve had was like this stuff, I might be a hash smoker, very very potent it’s like smoking nugs but you only need a half a point in the bong and blast off. The taste is there pure hash flavour and it’ll linger in your tastebuds for a while, it smells how it tastes and will smell your room up with a fragrance of hash that’s pleasent

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