No one knows exactly when medical marijuana will finally be legal in Florida, but the state has 23 medical marijuana dispensaries and over 2,300 medical marijuana patients registered to receive treatment there. Florida’s medical marijuana laws are currently being updated, and they are still being evaluated by the Florida Department of Health. Florida medical marijuana is being approved as one of the options to be used as an alternative to prescription drug addiction in Florida. The lead up to the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida was quite a bit of political turmoil as well as a lot of adversity between the state and the federal government.

Florida is one of the states that has implemented statutes that has been passed by local governments and passed by the state’s legislature. The statutes were passed in 2009 by the Florida House of Representatives, but the laws were not approved by the state senate until 2010. Now that the laws have been passed, the state is seen as a

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