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Lineage: Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter

Flavors:  Spicy herbal, sweet Citrus, Cookie, Sour Diesel, Earthy, Pine and Oranges

Aromas:  Sour citrusy notes, musky and sweet hints, and heavy Earthy tones










ONLYGAS' Black Mac, a popular Mac1 variant
ONLYGAS’ Black Mac, a popular Mac1 variant

MAC 1 Strain Overview

MAC 1 strain belongs to the group of one of the most popular hybrid strains in the cannabis industry that are able to produce strong cerebral and physical effects, including a euphoric high, energy boost, and relaxation.

The fantastic abilities of MAC 1 are beneficial for users consuming marijuana for recreational purposes. However, it’s also beneficial for patients for medical purposes, including those who suffer from migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

This well-balanced Indica-dominant hybrid has a fantastic fragrance and taste. Let’s dig deeper and find out more!


To describe the effects that the MAC strain is able to produce, first, we have to take a look at its composition. For this purpose, we made a thorough profile that includes information about the hybrid’s THC content, terpene composition, taste, aroma, and cannabinoid profile.

THC Content

This hybrid strain produced with Alien Cookies, Colombian Gold, and Starfighter has a moderate THC content. The THC percentage ranges from 18% to 21.5%, with the highest level measured being 23%.


Regarding the THC/CBD ratio, MAC 1 is a THC-dominant strain with a 20: less-than-1 ratio. Of course, the CBD content depends on the growing conditions and the quality of the roots.

Indica or Sativa

The Indica/Sativa ratio is the best feature of the MAC1 strain. As you know, most Indica-dominant hybrids test as around 70-90% Indica, but that’s not the case with MAC 1.

In fact, this strain shows abilities similar to Sativa strains, like euphoric effects, body boost, and even creativity. However, it can also relax, calm, and relieve pain like typical Indica strains, meaning it carries a perfect balance.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • THC – 18 – 21.5% (can go as high as 23%)
  • CBD – 0.16 – 0.41%
  • CBC – 0.26 – 0.88%
  • CBG – 0.44 – 1.23%
  • CBN – 0.04 – 0.22%
  • THVC – 0.16 – 0.77%

Terpene Profile

  • Limonene – 0.26%
  • Pinene – 0.21%
  • Myrcene – 0.05%
  • Ocimene – 0.02%
  • Humulene – 0.04%
  • Linalool – 0.08%
  • Terpinolene – 0.23%
  • Caryophyllene – 0.12%


MAC1 History

MAC 1 is created by the breeder Capulator, an old-school grower known for its unique strains and strong presence on the OG Cannabis growing forums. The strain is made as a well-balanced hybrid in order to deliver various effects, suitable for every marijuana user with build-up THC tolerance regardless of their needs.


Since MAC 1 is a product of combining and crossing numerous hybrids, it truly is considered a miracle strain. The lineage line of the MAC1 strain starts with its direct ancestors, Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter, and goes way back to the Lemon Alien Dawg, Tahoe Alien, and Alien Dawg.

If we go further, we’ll find out that MAC 1 is indirectly related to numerous popular strains, such as GSC, OG Kush, Chemdawg, and other celebrities, like the landrace Durban Poison and Hindu Kush strain.

Growing MAC 1

Growing this cannabis strain is considered challenging, mostly because finding seeds is a bit tricky on the market. However, the seeds are not the only problem. Growers have to choose carefully selected seeds and follow strict cultivation standards to protect the flower’s quality.

To find seeds, you can search through a website that sells various breeds or back in the day Capulator used to sell and mail cuts directly to you. You should also consult with experienced growers to gain tips on this particular strain’s needs. However, we’re positive the site you visit (you must be at least 18 years of age to use a cannabis seed site) will include a guide with suitable instructions.

Grow Info

Growers say that cultivating this cannabis strain can be tricky as the strain can be quite temperamental. It requires constant care, and it grows slower compared to some other strains.

The plants grow tall, meaning you’ll need a larger space. If you’re using the Sea of Green method, you can save space and speed up the harvest.


Growing this hybrid indoors is a bit inconvenient in small spaces because the flowers reach great heights. The flowering period takes around ten weeks and yields around 1 – 2 Oz/Ft². 


Growing MAC strain outdoors is more convenient space-wise, as you won’t need much surrounding space, but the flowers will be able to grow at height. When grown outdoors, this cannabis strain will begin flowering in early October and yield 15 – 20 Oz/plant. But of course, growing outdoors has its own set of problems depending on the climate and other factors that make it more difficult to get a quality yield.

Mac1 Growing Outdoors
Mac1 Growing Outdoors

Growing Tips

Our biggest recommendation for cultivating this cannabis hybrid is to pay attention to the plant as it grows, and make sure that the leaves and plant is overall healthy throughout the growing cycle. You should pay a lot of attention to the flowers, monitor them, and regulate the sunlight, air circulation, humidity, pH level, and temperature, and always test run off!

Beautiful Finished Bag Shot of ONLYGAS' Mac1 variant Black Mac
Beautiful Finished Bag Shot of ONLYGAS’ Mac1 variant Black Mac

Similar Strains

Other strains that can give you a similar sense as MAC are Alien Cookies, Peach Ringz, Grape Pie, Orange Kush, and Starfighter. You can also try Kandy Kush, Critical Mass, Rockstar Tuna, and Green Queen.


MAC 1 Appearance

MAC 1 has an impressive appearance. This hybrid strain is recognizable by its bushy buds, beautiful thin orange hairs, and rich purple undertones. Thanks to its strong genetics, this Indica-dominant, and Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, has a thick coating of diamond-like white trichomes.

Beautiful Close up Shot of Black Mac, a strong Mac1 Strain Variant
Beautiful Close up Shot of Black Mac, a strong Mac1 Strain Variant


Miracle Alien Cookies Taste

MAC 1 best bud will have a wonderful taste because of its genetics and its rich terpene profile. The flavor is an abundant mixture of numerous tones, starting from a classic sour diesel flavor with a spicy herbal overtone to sweet citrus notes and a heavy sweet cookie background. You’ll also taste hints of earthy tones, along with pine and oranges.


MAC1 Strain Aroma

MAC 1 is one of those hybrid strains that carry a highly pungent aroma. The scent is a fusion of sour citrusy notes, musky and sweet hints, and heavy, earthy tones. Taking a few puffs will feel the room with a potent smell, and you may be surprised by this hybrid strain’s sweet aftertaste.


Cerebral and Physical Effects

The MAC strain is able to produce numerous effects affecting the metabolism and the mind. Since it’s a balanced hybrid strain, the user can benefit from the outcomes associated with both Sativa and Indica strains.

The Sativa-dominant composition enables MAC 1 to produce intensely euphoric effects. Users report feeling happy, uplifted, focused, and stimulated, meaning the MAC 1 acts like the other Sativa strains.

On the other hand, the Indica-dominant composition enables this hybrid to produce relief pain and stress relief, and even couch-lock effects. Users report feeling relaxing effects and calmness, meaning the hybrid strain can act as an Indica-dominant variant.

Potential Medical Benefits

As an Indica-dominant popular strain, MAC 1 is a great choice for those who tend to consume strains for soothing pain, reducing anxiety, fighting depression, and relieving pain.

Its Sativa-dominant composition, on the other hand, makes this flower a great choice for those looking for enhanced focus and creativity, happiness, and body boost.

MAC flowers were beneficial in many instances, where users reported the flower helped them overcome medical issues, such as depression, lack of appetite, mobility issues, arthritis, digestive issues, and insomnia.

Potential Side Effects

This cannabis strain is considered moderate-to-highly potent, and thus, it’s not suitable for consumers with low THC tolerance, occasional users, or those who don’t have experience.

Smoking this hybrid cannabis strain may result in some short-lasting adverse outcomes. Typical side effects associated with potent cannabis buds are dry eyes, sore throat, dehydration, increased appetite, and mellow dizziness.

Wrapping up

Well, this is it! We presented you with the perfect combination between Indica and Sativa with excellent THC content and fantastic scent and flavor. MAC 1 strain is one of the best variants for relaxing and enjoying a wonderful afternoon.


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