Trunk Funk K

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Smell: Absolutely dominating gas/jet fuel aromatics fill the room with a minuscule scent of earth/skunk/pine.

Dry toke: Extremely pungent gassy taste coats your mouth with a little touch of pine.

Taste while smoking: Amazingly strong gas flavour coats your mouth and tongue on the inhale with a gas/pine/candy taste on the exhale.

Smoothness: It’s like you’re not even smoking on the inhale or exhale, pretty much a perfectly smooth smoke.

Ash colour: It’s almost as white as she gets.

High: She takes her sweet time to kick in, but once she does, you have an incredible surge of energy throughout your body where you feel like you’re capable of anything. Total body stone, narcotic like buzzing going on in the head, euphoria, happiness, completely zened out wonderful feeling that you don’t want to end, thankfully she’s pretty long lasting but you’re gonna have some serious pasties and the typical case of the munchies. Recommended for connoisseur‘s that wanna get right baked.

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2 reviews for Trunk Funk K

  1. Scent – sweet tart blackberry with a little bit of sappy pine.

    Visual – deep purples turning into black with orange hairs everywhere with little bit of green allowing the white trichromes to show. Has a perfect layer of crystals.

    Smoke/burn – mostly white with black specs

    Exhale – tart berry with slightness of pine.

    Effects – heavy sedation. I just sat there 15min afterwards completely zonked out. Heavy head high and no control of body. Slow down time effect. Had the giggles. And then ended up sleeping.

  2. Petite et moyenne tête, poussée directement dans l’espace une merveille

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