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Tropical Diesel is a green goddess that has a very fast onset which immediately races to your cerebral cortex and grants you an excellent buzzing effect. Then that excellent buzzing effect slowly slithers over to your pineal gland for an otherworldly psychedelic inebriation that puts you in a state of total euphoria. Top-notch body stone that virtually removes all pain and suffering and hangs out for a decent duration. Be prepared to be locked to the couch because it just feels better to sit or even be completely horizontal with your eyes closed for some of the best meditation moments you could possibly achieve if you are honoured by her grace. Some of the best stress relief is achieved by any strain. Recommended for extreme connoisseurs who love the sweet sugary fruity flavours but want to get super fucked up.

Lineage: Tropicana Cookies X Sour Diesel

Smell: Over the top sweet tropical fruit aromatics with an extremely strong gas odour added into the mix.

Dry toke: amazingly sweet tropical fruit flavour and supremely potent gas that hastens the anticipation to burn.

Taste while smoking: phenomenally sweet tropical fruit flavours that’s uber gassy on the inhale. Unbelievably sweet tropical fruit flavours with dank gas on the exhale that sticks to your tongue for a while.

Smoothness: Godly light and smooth on the inhale and exhale as if you’re not even inhaling smoke.

Burn: lights up extremely easily and doesn’t go out even if you’re babbling with a joint in your hand for a long time.

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  1. Best strain I have gotten from OG yet! Fruity and gassy, heavy hitter, decent sized buds and not over dried, my favourite so far!

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