Sweet Thang Freeze Dried 500MG THC Candies

These Freeze Dried THC Skittles have all the flavour you love with a new twist! The classic Skittles Original and Sour flavour are there with a crispier than usual texture! With 500mg of THC in each pack, these flavourful candies pack a punch!

THC Per Pack: 500mg


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What is Freeze Drying?

Once freeze dried, it’s said that sweets can look and even taste better than their original result. Compared to baking, boiling, or dehydrating foods, freeze drying often gives food a longer shelf life and a new and improved flavor or texture.

Freeze drying does not shrink or toughen sweets. In fact, an airy, easy-to-chew texture is typically added after the preservation method is applied due to the expansion of the food that happens during the process.

Overall, it’s a good idea to freeze dry candy if you’re looking for a creative way to cater to your sweet tooth.

What edible dose is right for me?

The right dose of weed edibles is different for everyone. Start with a small dose, especially if it’s your first time or it’s been a while since you’ve used cannabis. Each person’s response to a dose of edible cannabis can vary significantly, more so than with other medications or herbs. The “standard dose” is considered 10 mg, but someone new to cannabis or with low tolerance should start with half of that. Trial-and-error is an integral part of finding the perfect dose for a great experience, just remember to start low and slow. Read more: Cannabis Edibles Dosing Chart: Find the Right Dose

How long does it take for weed edibles to kick in?

The amount of time it takes for the effects of edibles to kick in varies and also depends on your metabolism. People with faster metabolisms may feel effects after an hour; people with slower metabolisms may not feel the effects for two hours or more. An important factor is whether you consume the edible on an empty stomach or after you’ve eaten. An empty stomach will feel the effects much more quickly — a full stomach will keep it from hitting you as hard. Read more: 5 Tips to Safely Dose and Enjoy Cannabis Edibles

What should I do if I ate too much weed edibles?

If you become uncomfortably high, don’t panic.A cannabis overdose isn’t fatal, it’s just uncomfortable and possibly disorienting. Find a safe, comfortable place to rest. Put on music that eases you. Closing your eyes can also help. Take long, slow, deep breaths, ideally of fresh air – open a window if possible. And hydrate! Read more: 8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

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