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Smell: Phenomenally sugary grape/gas/skunk aroma with a very soft spicy/woody note.

Dry toke: Super musky/sweet red berry/gas/ skunk flavour with slightly a woody taste.

Taste while smoking: Barely sweet, extremely powerful gas/skunk flavour on the inhale with a really sweet red berry/gas taste with some minor notes of sour/wood/skunk on the exhale.

Smoothness: Very very light and smooth on the inhale and super chill and somewhat nonexistent on the exhale.

Ash color: 80% white, 20% very light grey.

High: An awesome alertness that increases in intensity as time passes with a godly powerful brain buzz that eventually spreads to your entire body for a greatly appreciated numbness that takes its sweet time to wear off. Bursts of energy feel so good you can’t help but feel happiness and you get increasingly creative. You should be able to accomplish anything or at least feel as if you can. Perfect for writers or anyone that wants to be super charged for a couple hours.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G, Quarter-Pound, Half-Pound, Pound

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  1. pretty small nugs, didn’t burn very good either it’s more like 80% black and 20% white. The price per oz is really good but I think there is much better options on the menu

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