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Smell: Supremely sweet/musky scent with a little skunk in there.

Dry toke: An intriguing sweet/musky flavour with a hint of skunk and coniferous forest.

Taste while smoking: Beautifully sweet vanilla/chocolate/cinnamon skunk flavour that brightens up your day on the inhale. incredible tropical fruit/chocolate/vanilla/spice flavours that pleasurably sticks to your mouth and tongue like glue.

Smoothness: Heavenly light and smooth on the inhale and exhale. Pure pleasure

Ash colour: Mostly white with a touch of super light grey

High: Instantaneous buzz that hits your head and body for a comfortable numb. It starts in your head and extrudes to your body. It’s lasts a very long time. Chilled out, therapeutic, pure bliss, restful, creative, euphoric , feel good high. She carries a semi-narcotic/psychedelic buzz that everyone will crave just from the incredible taste alone. Perfect for meditation, yoga or hanging out.

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1 review for Strawberries & Cream (Blue Batch)

  1. Scent – a creamy sweetness with a bit of gym sock funk.

    Visual – STACKED with trichromes in indents of bud leaving barely any of the actual bud showing the parts that do show are beautiful colouring

    Smoke/burn – salt and pepper ash a little more white. Smooth

    Exhale – a creamy gym sock lol. Reminds me of garlic strains and the funk it emits.

    Effects – really euphoric high. Instantly creeping in the back of your head and moves into your head and body giving you a mostly body high with a uplifting head high.

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