Sour Diesel x White OG (smalls) (Lucky Farms)



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Introducing our latest hybrid masterpiece – Sour Diesel X White OG. This harmonious blend of two legendary strains brings you a truly unique cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in the delightful symphony of flavors and aromas, where the tangy notes of sour and diesel seamlessly intertwine with hints of pine and earthiness.

Sour Diesel X White OG is a hybrid strain that delivers a balanced and invigorating high. Unleash your creativity as euphoria washes over you, leaving you in a state of blissful happiness. Feel a gentle, soothing body high that melts away tension and promotes relaxation.

Beyond its recreational appeal, this hybrid strain offers therapeutic benefits. Users have reported relief from muscle spasms, making it an excellent choice for those seeking natural support for muscular discomfort. Additionally, its mood-enhancing properties may alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, providing a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Flavours/Aromas: Sour, Diesel, Pine, Earthy
Effects: Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Body high
Medical Uses: Muscle Spasms, Depression, Anxiety

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