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Lineage: Gelato 33 X Sour Apple

Smell: Significantly strong gas aroma that has a sweet and sour scent as well as a little spice.

Dry toke: Absolutely delicious sweet & sour gas flavour teases all senses and increases the anticipation to spark.

Taste while smoking: Phenomenally sour and subtly sweet, potent gas flavour on the inhale. Very sweet and subtly sour flavour that’s very gassy on the exhale.

Smoothness: Godly light and smooth on the inhale and exhale that feels like you’re not even smoking except a little scratch that’s due to high cannabinoid content.

Burn: Sparks up with ease and won’t go out even if you use the doob a mic.

High: This purple princess will knock you off your feet and gently place you on the couch for an overwhelmingly powerful high that is to be expected. She starts off in pineal gland with a tremendous buzzing feeling that brings on an energetic, uplifting, euphoric state of bliss that really opens up your mind and almost seems like it raises your intelligence and wisdom for a short period. Then she wanders through your body for an intense body stone that numbs you from head to toe for a long time. You will be overwhelmed with happiness and joy for a temporary moment of peace, love and positivity that heals your soul. Highly recommended for anybody with pain or extreme connoisseurs that just want to get lit but they want it to be very tasty while doing so.

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