Rockstar Platinum Smalls

Rockstar Platinum — Smalls — Indica

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If you’re looking for a relaxed, happy vibe, Rockstar Platinum is the strain for you!

▶ Lineage: Rock Bud X Sensi Star
▶ Flavors:
Berry, Diesel, Pine, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet
▶ Aromas:
Blueberry, Earthy, Pungent, Skunky, Spicy

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Looking for an effective way to relax after a long, stressful day?  Rockstar Platinum is the perfect strain! This potent Indica-dominant Hybrid gets its name from its frosty appearance, a result of the trichomes that cover the bud.


Appearance: Rockstar Platinum buds have medium-sized dense and lumpy dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and frosty trichome-covered purple leaves.

Taste & Aroma: This bud has an aroma of spicy grapey earth with a hint of skunky pungent herbs and a taste of spiced mulled wine with a pungent slightly skunky exhale.

Effects: Its high is characterized by strong-hitting effects powered by a 19-25% average THC level without the sedation that typically comes with an indica parent. The Rockstar Platinum high starts with a cerebral head rush a few minutes after toking that leaves you uplifted and extremely happy with active tendencies and motivation. As this powerful head high builds, you’ll slowly feel a creeping body buzz wash over you that leaves you completely relaxed in every single muscle, leaving you helplessly couch-locked and in a state of pure bliss. 

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3 reviews for Rockstar Platinum — Smalls — Indica

  1. Phenomenal for the price. Wish I would’ve got a QP of this gas.

  2. Best smalls experience yet, just found my new go to store 👍 just the best value ever 😁. The flavours and smokability 5/5. Potency 4/5.
    Did I mention the best shipping service yet from BC to NB in two days, a new speed record.
    Thanks OG

  3. Pretty impressive batch of rockstar smalls here. Really happy I finally tried OG, and thanks very much for the free ounce=)

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