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Pink Kush Hash

Pink Kush Hash is a 91% indica strain created by pressing sticky trichrome-covered buds of Pink Kush. This concentrate, known for its vibrant colors, offers consumers an intense body high without the heavy mental effects associated with other Kush varieties. A high melt point makes Pink Kush Hash ideal for dabbing or adding to your favorite joint or spliff.

This strain has an inviting aroma of sweet earthy pine that carries over onto the palette. The smoke of this concentrate is smooth and noticeably potent due to its high THC content. Its flavor profile boasts sweet and spicy notes of caramel, fruit and slight undertones of sage.

Due to its highly relaxing nature, this hash is best used at night when you are ready to completely relax your body and let go of daily stressors. Enjoy this hash during meditation or before bedtime to maximize its effects.

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