Petroleum — Prohibition Farms — Hybrid – OUT OF STOCK

Are you looking for a perfectly strong and long lasting high Indica strain? Look no further! Onlygas is here to help you, with our newest drop Petroleum Strain ( WHITE WALKER KUSH X XOLOBAKGO ), guarantees your craving satisfactions.

▶ Lineage: White Walker Kush X Xolobakgo
▶ Flavors:
Sweet, Diesel, Woody

▶ Aromas:
Sweet, Diesel, Woody

Batch Date: 12/22/2022


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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Petrol is the perfect bud for any Indica Gas lover. The high starts with an immediate lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling happy and uplifted, although incredibly relaxed. As this high builds and builds, your body will become slightly sedated and completely calm with a sharp pang of hunger that leaves you reaching for anything you can find to quell your hunger. These effects are long lasting and perfect for kicking back when you need some potent relief. 


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1 review for Petroleum — Prohibition Farms — Hybrid – OUT OF STOCK

  1. v33n0

    Solid hybrid. Nice classic Kush flavor from the White Walker. Burns clean. Calming high but not overly sedative. Highly recommend

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