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Naturally Farmed Cannabis – HTFSE Sauce Cartridges

Cartridge Type: Verified (510 thread)
1 gram
100% Sauce HTFSE (High-Terpene Full Spectrum Extract)

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Naturally Farmed Cannabis (NFC) uses cannabis that is grown Fully Organic using the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) principle. Korean Natural Farming takes advantage of indigenous microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa) to produce fertile soils that yield high output without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Resulting in improvements in soil health, improved loaminess, tilth, terpene taste and bud structure The terpenes coming off these products are out of this world. All products are made by Naturally Farmed Cannabis from soil to oil. Naturally Farmed Cannabis full spectrum extracts are some of the best on the Market and are a must try for any cartridge connoisseur!

Each Cartridge is 1 gram and come in a variety of Sativa, Hybrid and Indica offerings. CBD Strains are 2:1 CBD:THC.

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1G Cartridge

Local Skunk x Peanut Butter Breath, Funky Monkey, CBD Mango Haze, Space Dawg, Sundae Best, NFC Mix, Freak Show x Space Dawg, LA Confidential


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