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Mendo Breath – AAAA – Indica



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Lineage: OG Kush Breath X Mendo Montage

Smell: Extremely powerful gas aroma that’s also pretty sweet and spicy.

Dry toke: Wonderfully sweet gassy flavour that makes you want to spark it instantly.

Taste while smoking: Tremendously potent gas flavour that’s very musky with some subtle skunk on the inhale. Very sweet super strong gas flavour on the exhale that sticks to your tongue for a while.

Smoothness: Pretty light and smooth on the inhale and exhale.

Burn: Sparks up pretty easily and won’t go out even after 30 seconds.

High: Very rapid onset that has a magical effect which clouds your mind and all senses with a very narcotic/cerebral, almost psychedelic high that sends you to Utopia for a while. Unbelievable high that feels like it cleanses your soul of negativity and disturbances. Uplifting, happy, fun, stress relieving intoxication that you can’t help but want more of. Killer body stone that numbs your whole body for a decent duration of pain relief. She will stick you to the couch like glue for a bit so make sure you don’t have anything important to do for the next hour depending on tolerance. Recommended for yoga, meditation or anyone that just wants to relieve physical pain or boost mental positivity.

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1 review for Mendo Breath – AAAA – Indica

  1. Visually stunning, covered in tricks, almost completely white. Sweet gas smell and taste, not super loud but can taste it through a backwoods. Sticky and burns like a champ. Effects hit quick. Solid pick-up. At these prices how can you ever go wrong. Super fast shipping too!

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