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Man z Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with unknown parent strains. This potent bud has a THC level that ranges from 20-25% on average and produces both cerebral and physical effects.

Appearance, Flavors & Effects

Effect: Man z almost instantaneously activates an almost supernatural insertion of energy that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. An Uplifting, motivational, inspirational buzz that can even be contagious to non-smokers. Narcotic, almost psychedelic, euphoric intoxication could quite possibly set new limits within oneself. Almost perfect body stone that virtually eliminates any discomfort you might have. Super fun high that can activate several laughing fits periodically until it fades away and then you know it’s time does spark another one. Extreme connoisseurs will love this interesting buzz and wonderful taste. Inventors, musicians, writers, or creators of any sort will love this next level high that will help them achieve their goals easier.

Taste & Aroma: Man z has unbelievably sweet tropical citrus fruit flavors that are pretty gassy on the inhale. Amazingly sweet tropical citrus fruit flavors that have a reasonable bit of gas and skunk on the exhale. Ridiculously potent sweet tropical fruit flavors that are quite gassy with a little bit of skunk. Tremendously sweet tropical citrus fruit aromatics that also have a bit of gas and skunk.

Appearance: The buds are dense and have a deep green color with a slight purple hue. The trichomes are very visible and give the bud a frosty look. There are also orange pistils throughout the buds.


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