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Welcome to a world of flavor with Island Pink Kush Live Hash Rosin by ONLYGAS! This top-tier concentrate packs a punch by combining the flavorful Island Pink Kush strain and the superior quality of live rosin extraction. So, why not dive into this world-class rosin produced without a single solvent?

From its gorgeous golden hue to the powerful terpene profile, this live hash rosin creates an experience cannabis connoisseurs dream of. Crafted from only the finest, freshly frozen Island Pink Kush buds, it delivers mind-blowing potency and a symphony of flavors with fruity, floral undertones. The quality preservation and terpene-rich profile of Island Pink Kush Live Hash Rosin help provide a smooth, full-bodied smoke sesh for you to savor.

ONLYGAS understands the importance of quality, ensuring each batch is made with care and precision. The result? A 75-85% cannabinoid content, along with 5-7% terpene content, for a taste full of depth and a high that’ll have you soaring. Island Pink Kush Live Hash Rosin by ONLYGAS is where luxury meets potency, and you won’t be disappointed.

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