Ice Age

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Smell: Ridiculously sweet aroma of nectarines with a little hint of gas and skunk and a touch of vanilla.

Dry toke: Awesome sweet tropical fruit bubblegum flavour with the slightest amount of gas and skunk.

Taste while smoking: Phenomenally sweet fruit/gas/skunk flavour on the inhale and a beautifully sweet gas taste with a touch of vanilla that lingers on the tongue for a while on the exhale.

Smoothness: Fascinatingly smooth and light on the inhale and exhale that’s super enjoyable.

Ash colour: Pretty much completely white with a minimal amount of ultralight grey.

High: Time to get lit boys and girls with this amazingly fast acting super buzz. First you feel it in your head with a quick rush of ease which almost feels like when you blow on a cut and make it feel better, your brain instantly feels better. Crazy euphoric/clearheaded/energetic/narcotic high that’s really long lasting. High class body stone that blissfully numbs you from head to toe. Recommended for connoisseurs and anyone that wants stress or pain relief.

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2 reviews for Ice Age

  1. excellent strain !! tropical flavor with strong buzz !!! 4/5

  2. When i opened the bag i was surprised that there was 4 fucking big coots that make my 28!! one is 10g this shit is awesome get you really high and the bag appeal i dont need to talk about it woah!!!!

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