Herbivore Edibles – HIGH DOSE – OUT OF STOCK

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Herbivore Edibles is the go-to for delicious, sweet treats. Their creations are perfect if you want to indulge in something tasty without feeling too stuffed after one bite! Each bar contains 500 – 1000mg of THC and comes loaded with all your favorite flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough or birthday cake batter ice cream topping–just enough relief when it’s time hit that afternoon slump so we can still make dinner plans later on!


▶ Twonkies – 500mg THC
▶ Swift Rolls – 500mg THC
▶ Dong Kong – 500mg THC
▶ Berry Log – 500mg THC
▶ Kookie Krisp – 1000mg THC


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Twonkies, Swift Rolls, Dong Kong, Berry Log, Kookie Krisp


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