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Funky Charms

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Lineage: Rainbow Chip x Grease Monkey

Smell: Stupendously gassy and very fruit forward scents with after tones of skunk and pine.

Dry toke: Extremely potent gas flavour with some moderately strong notes of sweet fruit and a touch of pine.

Taste while smoking: Ridiculously strong gas flavour that’s sweet and skunky and a hint of pine on the inhale. Very thick gas taste with some subtly sweet pine in the background that sticks to your pallet on the exhale.

Smoothness: Unbelievably smooth and light on the inhale with a nonexistent exhale.

Burn: Doesn’t have any problems sparking up and doesn’t go out even after a minute.

High: You’ll feel the effects of this tasty lady before the joints over. Heavenly powerful body stone that leaves you completely numb and works wonders on inflammation and chronic pain. Mind altering, euphoric cerebral buzz that sends you’re mind off to another place. Periodic laughing fits are very common from this couch-locking but energetic, happy, relaxing high. Definitely a medicinal strain of the highest order greatly welcomed by connoisseur’s and occasional smokers should take it easy on her.

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2 reviews for Funky Charms

  1. Smell/Appearance: Let’s start with the appearance. Came in caked in trichome as you can see with all sorts of beautiful colour to it. You can see nice blueish purple leaves on the outside along with orange pistils. Once your see the inside of the nug. You’ll see that beautiful purple tints mixed with the trichome just glistening. Medium/Small as this is just a sample to try out. Smells very sweet and gassy. Gives off a very clean hashy/shatter sort of smell too. Smells delicious!!

    Smoke/Taste/Burn: It was smoking very clean. Didn’t feel no sort of harshness even as I was smoking with grabba. The taste was very sweet red velvet creamy gassyness. It also had a slight citrusy gassy aftertaste. It tasted very unique and delicious. The burn was salt n pepper with it leaning towards the salt side but the pepper is still pretty visible.

    High: I felt that it was slightly sedating but my tolerance is really high. It was a slightly sedating mixture of both body and head high. You’ll get high and still be functioning normally. I only smoked one spliff of this but I’ll make sure to come back to my reviews and give additional and corrected information of the strains after I get more time with them.

    Value: I got a free sample to review and try so my say in this won’t really seem genuine to others. But honestly all the buds on this website are mad cheap and when you take in the fact that a zip of this is 137 and if this was lp or even Cali they’d probably charge 80 for an eighth 😂. Even other MoMs would try to charge more than 200 for this. So I’m my opinion hell yeah it’s worth it.

    Appearance: 10/10 Beautiful bud. 100 USD plus tax Connected jar eighth looking bud 😂😂.

    Smell: 8.5/10 very sweet gassy almost lucky charm smelling buds just not gonna reek up the room.

    Smoke: 9/10 Very smooth bud no harshness.

    Taste: 10/10 Very unique and delicious. Will try again and try to describe it the best I can.

    Burn: 8/10 good salt n pepper burn which is predominately salt but with some visible pepper to it.

    High: 8/10 Slight sedation to both mind and body. Like I said I will update once I try it more.

    Value: 10/10 were privileged with weed to be paying these prices for the quality we get. That’s all I can say.

  2. 3rd time ordering this funky charms. The only this is this time I got smalls and popcorns 🍿 . I was hoping for nicer buds like the first two times. The first two orders I got were craft looking buds…I even got a cross ✝️ crazy. This time I just dont got the pretty buds to look at lol 😆
    Bud shit is potent gassy and terpy as fuck. Burns salt…heavy exotic flavors hitting and very smooth on my throat.

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