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Freshwater Biscotti

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Lineage: Fresh Water Taffy X Biscotti Sundae

Smell: Extremely potent and sharp gas aromatics with some heavy skunk and a slightly sweet scent.

Dry toke: This strain reigns supreme when it comes to tasting like gas/jet fuel and it also has a very strong skunk flavour with a touch of sweetness.

Taste while smoking: Phenomenally pungent gas/jet fuel flavour with a touch of sweet skunk on the inhale. Thick gassy skunk flavour on the exhale that sticks to your palate.

Smoothness: almost perfectly smooth and heavenly light on the inhale and exhale. The only reason you feel anything is because of the high THC%

Burn: lights up easily and doesn’t go out even after a minute.

High: A creeper, but minutes after you smoke up, you’ll be extremely happy with her galactic cerebral buzz that’s ridiculously euphoric, almost psychedelic. You’ll be filled with intense giddiness and forgetfulness that reminds you of when you first got baked. Major body stone that gets rid of all your pain and keeps it away for a while. Even though you get utterly obliterated by her and locked the couch, you still have energetic creative, inspirational waves where you’re totally functional and actually a little bit better at most tasks. Occasional users should ease into it what is it could become overwhelming.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G, Quarter-Pound, Half-Pound, Pound

3 reviews for Freshwater Biscotti

  1. I loved this strain. Great biscotti flavor. Very creamy. Smooth on my throat. Buds were small and regular. Ash was salt and pepper but didn’t stop burning. I enjoyed it alot. This shit is potent. And this strain and flavor leans towards the ICC. The bud has a gelato smell to it when cutting it up. The bud is dense..solid quality grown buds.
    Going to roll one up right now.
    ⛽ 🔥 🍦 🍪

  2. Gros loud très puissant pas pour les peureux

  3. Gros loud très puissant

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