Double Purple Punch


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Lineage: Grand Daddy Purple X Larry OG

Smell: Tremendously potent gas aromatics that are extremely sweet with a lot of skunk and a decent amount of pine.

Dry toke: Ridiculously sugary potent gas flavour that’s greatly skunky with a subtle bite of sweet pine.

Taste while smoking: Extremely powerful gas flavour that’s very sweet and skunky on the inhale. Tremendously sweet gas flavour that’s a touch skunky on the exhale which sticks to your tongue for a long time.

Smoothness: Unbelievably light and smooth as if you’re not even smoking a cannon even when taking over-the-top tokes.

Burn: Sparks right up with ease and won’t go out even after a minute.

High: Almost instantaneous activation that goes straight to your brain and gifts you a unique buzz that feels killer. Dope body stone that’s top-tier for both strength and duration. Euphoric, uplifting, energetic, calming, relaxing, narcotic inebriation that puts you in a state of pure enjoyment. Incredibly mind altering, possibly life-changing high that makes you feel like you can do anything better and faster. You’ll be sent off to Utopia which erases any stress or worries. Quite a wild intoxication that throws you to the couch but gifts periods of energetic inspiration she gets you up off the couch and then back to the couch again. Extreme connoisseurs and smokers alike will love this fun, weird, mixed- up high she can create.

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