Dosi Pumpkin Pie – AAAA – Hybrid


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Lineage: Unknown

Smell: Ridiculously potent gas aromatics with some very strong skunk and sugary sweetness.

Dry toke: Extremely delicious, very prominent gas flavour with some super sweet fruit and a touch of skunk and spice in the background.

Taste while smoking: Phenomenally potent gas flavour that’s slightly sweet with a touch of skunk in spice in the background on the inhale. Super gassy flavour that’s subtly sweet and skunky on the exhale that sticks to your mouth for a while.

Smoothness: Very smooth and light on the inhale and exhale.

Burn: Lights up easily and doesn’t go out.

High: Very fast acting, awesome head buzz that congregates immediately to your cerebral cortex and chills for a while. Almost narcotic, psychedelic high that’s super enlightening and wonderfully healing. Super fun state of euphoria that sends you off to never never land. Unbelievable bursts of imaginative energy periodically take place while being totally stuck to the couch like glue and when those bursts emerge, make sure you follow your gut because remarkable creations and inventions flow in this heightened state. Tremendous body stone that removes all pain and somehow stress as well Uplifting, happy, all around buzz that inventors and writers will absolutely adore.

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