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Smell: Phenomenal syrupy creamy aroma with a profound skunk scent and a minor hint of sweet cheese and gas.

Dry toke: Imagine a sweet creamy skunk milkshake with some minor savoury earth notes and a very subtle hint of sweet gassy cheese.

Taste while smoking: Ridiculously pronounced, super sweet cheesy/skunk/gas flavour that hits the taste buds hard with a curious spiciness on the initial inhale. Fantastic skunk/gas/sweet/spicy baked goods flavour on the exhale that lingers.

Smoothness: Very smooth and chill on the inhale and very subtle exhale.

Ash colour: Majority salt, a little medium grey pepper.

High: A touch of a creeper but as soon as she kicks in, you’re pleasantly surprised with an extremely powerful cerebral buzz that unavoidably brings on a state of euphoria and happiness. It has a remarkable effect of forcing you to forget any negative in your life and enlightens you with a severe focus on the path to some purely positive enlightenment. Stupendously energetic, super happy, really fun high with an annoying case of the munchies. Perfect for unplugging or just chillin.

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