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Smell: The sweetest smell of bing cherries mixed with gas aromatics that tingles the nose and some spicy/minty/pine scents you can barely catch.

Dry toke: Tremendously sweet cherry/gas/skunk taste mixed with a pungent spicy/pine flavour that entices all senses.

Taste while smoking: Extremely sharp, pungent cherry/gas flavour pleasantly appeases your tastebuds on the inhale and a somewhat sweet earth/skunk/spice flavour on the exhale with a very soft syrupy taste that lingers.

Smoothness: Totally smooth an uber light on the inhale and a really relaxed, soft exhale.

Ash colour: Very light grey.

High: Extremely intellectually stimulating, long lasting buzz which has a similar effect to a microdose(.2-.3g) of shrooms in the sense where you have a heightened awareness that you can almost do everything better, faster and more efficiently. Continually great feeling of intellectual power, prosperity and rejuvenating positivity. Minor munchies but a crazy case of the pasties.

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1 review for Cherry Pie

  1. spot on with the cherry pie smell. nice. coated buds taste is very smooth and the typical cherry pie taste , ash was 90% white lil salt n pepper overall a great grow of one of my favourites

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