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Lineage: Jager X Black Gold

Smell: Amazingly sweet tropical fruit aromatics that makes you want to eat it, with a strong punch of gas and a sliver of skunk

Dry toke: Ridiculously sugary, candied fruit flavour with a delicious amount of gas and a touch of skunk.

Taste while smoking: Unbelievably sweet fruit flavour that’s doused in gasoline on the inhale. Super thick gas taste that’s very fruity on the exhale that stays with you for a bit.

Smoothness: Phenomenally smooth and light on the inhale and exhale as if you’re not even smoking.

Burn: No problems whatsoever sparking it up and it doesn’t go out even after a minute.

High: Stupendously potent head buzz that goes straight to your cerebral cortex and warms it up for a quite a while. Very enchanting and uplifting for a state which seems to be a perma-euphoria, until it slowly fades. Excellent body stone numbs you from head to toe, especially in the limbs. Absolutely calming high that forces you into a state of total relaxation but you might want to be close to a couch because being horizontal just feels better. Occasional smokers should anticipate paranoia and the jitters, so take it easy. Extreme connoisseurs will love this goddesses intoxication which virtually removes all pain and stress.

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