Black Cherry Cactus — AAA+ — Indica — OUT OF STOCK

Looking for a relaxed and calming high? Look no further than Black Cherry Cactus!

▶ Lineage: Black Cherry soda x Cactus breath
▶ Flavors:
Berry, Spicy, Sweet, Tea, Tropical
▶ Aromas:
Berry, Earthy, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet


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Looking for a relaxed and calming high? Look no further than Black Cherry Cactus! This powerful strain will leave you feeling uplifted and incredibly stoned, with a heavy couch-lock that will have you glued to your seat. You may even find yourself drifting off into a deep sleep. Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long day or just relax and unwind, Black Cherry Cactus is the perfect strain for you.


Appearance: This bud has super dense oversized pepper-shaped forest green nugs that are spattered with light minty green patches and bright orange hairs.

Taste & Aroma: The flavor of Black Cherry OG is .insanely delicious, with an incredibly smooth inhale that tastes like sweet berry green tea and honey. The aroma is very spicy, with hints of sweet berries and herbs. 

Effects: The Black Cherry OG high is very relaxed and calming in nature with a fantastic lift of spirits that leaves you with your mood in the clouds and incredibly stoned in both mind and body. A powerful couch-lock will slowly overtake you, gluing you to your seat and pulling your body down into pure relaxation. Many users become sleepy at this point and drift off into uninterrupted sleep for hours on end.


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