Legalization needs to honour the original market

A major hurdle with this new licence is the conceptual framework of Canada’s chosen method of legalization. The federal government decided to create a legal framework by ignoring the current reality of the cannabis industry, and all of its growers, distributors and customers. This was, simply put, rude, because it was those very people who made legalization possible. Without compassion clubs, the growers who supply them, and the medical patients who rely on them, there would be no legalization.

The federal and provincial governments have a collective responsibility to honour all of these brave people who decided to help sick people in the face of going to jail under the previous Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Granting them a licence merely allows their safe and responsible activities to continue. In fact, these clubs are shining examples of how cannabis and a local community promotes healing.

Canada can show the world how to heal instead of bust

Canada can also be a shining example to the world of how we protect the weak and sick, how we stop using the criminal justice system to take away people’s medicine, and how we instead promote healing. It is time, Canada. License the compassion clubs and their growers, and direct the police force onto busting the creators, distributors and sellers of opioids and other life-threatening drugs, and away from providers of plants that heal.

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