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Canna Cabana vs ONLYGAS



For both new and old customers, the world of online weed dispensary website(s) can be difficult to navigate. With so many weed delivery options out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll compare two of the most hyped online dispensaries: Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS!


Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS offer a wide range of quality cannabis products, including THC gummies and other weed edibles, CBD products, marijuana flowers (both sativa and indica), cannabis concentrates, fine quality hashish, vape pens, etc with lowest price guarantee and large selection.

When it comes to product selection both ONLYGAS and Canna Cabana offer a wide selection on various price points across all categories of cannabis and CBD products.

ONLYGAS Products !
ONLYGAS Products !



ONLYGAS picks only the best quality, clean smoking flower from every price range and grade level. Providing quality and industry-leading pricing is ONLYGAS’ mission. Truly, ONLYGAS provides true connoisseur quality quads and generous bulk discounts on lower grades.

Where Canna Cabana stands out is the variety of selection they provide, but ultimately 99% of their flower is generic quality, commercial-grade marijuana that consumers can find anywhere.


ONLYGAS Distillate Cartridge

Vape Pens

ONLYGAS has its own in-house-made vape pen line. These premium vape pens are made with in-house produced, 95% Delta-9 distillate in high-quality cartridges. Because of this vertically integrated model ONLYGAS can provide the best quality distillate vape pens on the market at the lowest possible prices.

In contrast, Canna Cabana stocks poor-quality, mass-produced, and profit-forward vape pen brands, at way higher prices. ONLYGAS provides better quality at a much better price.

ONLYGAS Distillate Cartridge

ONLYGAS Concentrates


Similar to vape pens and distillate, ONLYGAS makes all of their own in-house live resin, shatter, and HTFSE/HCFSE and other extracts. This allows ONLYGAS to hand pick only clean and pesticide/herbicide/fungicide-free flower that goes into producing the high-quality, non-CRC extracts they produce and sell.

With ONLYGAS you can trust the extract you are smoking is clean, and you get the savings of being direct to the producer, whereas with Canna Cabana you get a generic poor quality extract from generic companies that put profit before the customer’s health. With this sort of system, there is no way for even Canna Cabana doesn’t know what is in their extracts.

ONLYGAS Concentrates

ONLYGAS Cannalean

Edibles & Cannalean

The Cannalean and edibles that ONLYGAS sells are made in-house, with house-made 95% Delta-9 distillate. This gives customers the advantage of being able to buy these products at the cheapest possible prices as they’re buying directly from the manufacturer themselves. Conversely, Herb Approach doesn’t stock Cannalean and purchases the edibles they sell from other manufacturers who sell them at a premium and thus customers get way less THC per/dollar for the same or worse quality edibles.

ONLYGAS Cannalean


CBD Products

ONLYGAS makes all of its own CBD tinctures and topicals and sells them at industry-leading low prices. Customers get the quality of handmade products at the lowest, direct to the manufacturer pricing, absolutely unheard of in the cannabis industry. Whereas, with Canna Cabana consumers pay extremely unreasonable prices for lower quality products that are mass produced.




Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS both offer free shipping for larger orders. Both offer discrete shipping thru Canada Post, all across Canada from British Columbia to the Ontario service areas and the East Coast. Both exclusively use Canada Post so deliveries only come on weekdays.

This category is a tie

Winner: Tie

Payment Methods

Another difference between these cannabis store(s), is in the payment methods accepted by each online dispensary. Canna Cabana accepts all major credit and debit cards, while ONLYGAS only accepts E-Transfer and offers 10% off on crypto payments. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s worth noting if you’re looking to use a specific payment method or are ordering large amounts where 10% off adds up massively.

Although ONLYGAS offers 10% off crypto payments, Canna Cabana still has them beat by accepting all major credit and debit cards.

Winner: Canna Cabana

Loyalty Programs

When comparing loyalty programs, ONLYGAS comes in at 5% per dollar spent in loyalty points. Canna Cabana a loyalty program to their customers but the percentage discount is much lower.

Both Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS provide strong loyalty programs. This category is a tie.


Customer Service

Both Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS have solid customer service. Where ONLYGAS stands out is the hands-on, every customer matters approach that they have with their customers. They go above and beyond to make any issues customers have with their cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrates, or other product orders right (including offering coupon codes and refunds), and they have many various ways to get into contact with support 24/7 (Discord, Email, Wickr, Instagram, etc). Conversely, Canna Cabana stands out compared to ONLYGAS and other leading cannabis industry MOMS by offering free gifts with orders.

When it comes to mail order marijuana both ONLYGAS and Canna Cabana are industry leading and their excellent customer service shows that.

ONLYGAS wins this tight category by having superior options for customers to get into contact with the team, and a stronger community. ONLYGAS also has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Try returning your product to Canna Cabana because it smoked black!


Promotions & Discounts

ONLYGAS and Canna Cabana both have sales, promotions, bulk discounts etc. The difference between the two in this category is that ONLYGAS has such strong value and quality that compared to most other only dispensaries everything is priced at industry average sale prices at all times.

ONLYGAS and Canna Cabana both have the common sales and discounts, but where ONLYGAS wrestles its way on top is by having extremely fair prices even during non-sale periods. ONLYGAS is the clear winner in this category.


Product Descriptions

When it comes to product descriptions Canna Cabana does a good job of explaining strain info and cannabinoid content, medical benefits, etc.

ONLYGAS stands apart by offering burn pictures, and instead of the cookie cutter write-ups, ONLYGAS writes personally written descriptions as they smoke the herb themselves. The personally written, honest and accurate descriptions by the cannabis experts at ONLYGAS stands out.

Both Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS seek to educate customers on the differences between various types of flowers (strains, phenotypes, etc), CBD products, concentrates, etc, as its a top priority for medicinal and recreational smokers to be able to use their services to order online and fulfill their weed delivery needs.

ONLYGAS goes the extra mile with product pictures, product descriptions, and honest ratings. But Canna Cabana has a lot of information on strains, their cannabinoid percentages, medical benefits, and so forth. This category is a tie.

Winner: Tie


Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS are both well known in the community for transparency. ONLYGAS gets the edge by giving detailed, honest and well-thought-out descriptions of products. ONLYGAS incentives honest reviews of products on public forums, and has multiple online social media communities for customers to discuss products, their quality, uses, and potential issues.

Both MOMs are transparent during transactions but ONLYGAS has superior product reviews and transparency within their descriptions, giving them the edge in the end.


Ease of Use

Both Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS feature easy navigation to various sub categories and sections for concentrates, flowers, CBD products, edibles, and other cannabis products. Both websites are easy to use, with well thought out designs and layouts that offer the best shopping experience within the online dispensary industry.

Both shops are very well designed and easy to use. This category is a tie.

Winner: Tie


Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS both havent ever had any issues with shipping reliability. Your entire order safely lands at your doorstep with fast delivery. ONLYGAS edges out Canna Cabana on always reliably giving the best quality at each price point though. ONLYGAS staff hand pick each product to make sure it is the best possible product at each price point and that none of the products have any issues. There is never any surprises with ONLYGAS

Canna Cabana and ONLYGAS are both reliable when it comes to shipping. Where ONLYGAS shows the difference between the two by having superior consistency in their product. Never any surprises or issues. Packs are always on time.


Updated Blogs and Content

ONLYGAS features an updated blog with strain information, comparisons to other MOMs and other content. Canna Cabana has strain information on their product pages, but much less content overall on the blog side of things.


Social Media & Community Interaction

With a strong community presence and engagement, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible service with ONLYGAS. Additionally, their community-driven social media ensures that you can get accurate information and reviews about products before making a purchase. Herb Approach has an Instagram, but no discord and the community is far less social. ONLYGAS has a strong, thriving community on Discord and Instagram. So if you’re looking for a delivery business that is reliable, has great reviews, and is very transparent, then ONLYGAS is the perfect choice.


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So there you have it, ONLYGAS is the clear winner because of the superior pricing, product quality, payment options, and because of its thriving community! Come join our Discord!

Other MOMS may have a larger selection of products, but at ONLYGAS, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality products available. We carefully select each and every product we offer for sale on our website, and we only work with the best businesses in the industry in their respective niches.

We delivery top-quality products to our customers across Canada, and we’re always adding new products to our selection. We offer a wide variety of products, including edibles, concentrates, CBD products, and more.

We also offer a loyalty program for our customers who purchase from us regularly. With our loyalty program, you can earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

If you’re looking for a delivery service that you can trust to provide quality products and great customer service, look no further than ONLYGAS.

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